eGUMIS @ your unclaim money


Check and claim your unclaimed money through egumis – Jabatan Akauntan Negara Malaysia. 检查和领取您无人认领的钱。

Unclaimed money is the money needed by each person who fails to be implemented in a year.
For example: salaries, wages, bonuses, commissions and other monies payable to staff; dividends; profits declared for distribution; insurance claims that have been approved for payment; bank drafts, cashier’s orders, and other documents having a similar function whose validity period has expired; fixed deposits (without automatic renewal instructions) that have matured; collateral and deposits when the purpose for which the money was collected has been achieved; multiple creditors or multiple creditors of credit balances.
无人认领的钱是每个人在一年内没有得到落实所需要的钱。 例如:应付给员工的薪金、工资、奖金、佣金和其他款项;股息;申报分配的利润;已批准支付的保险索赔;银行汇票、本票及其他具有类似功能但已过期的文件;已到期的定期存款(无自动续期指示);达到收款目的时的抵押品和存款;多个债权人或多个贷方余额的债权人。
Money in accounts that have been inactive for seven years such like Savings account; Current account; Fixed storage (which has automatic renewal instructions).

Checking online

eGUMIS WTD Online Review To facilitate online , the Accountant General’s Department (AGD) has launched the eGUMIS portal.
Online Checking can be made either using the identity card number (individual) or the company registration number (company)
Step 1: Visit the portal link
Step 2: Create user registration online. Users will receive an email stating a temporary password to log in to the portal.
Step 3: Log in to the portal using the temporary password emailed. Users need to change a new password.
Step 4: Update user information.
Step 5: Click on “CLICK HERE TO FIND UNCLAIMED MONEY” to check the WTD through the identification number or company registration number and print the information of the Unclaimed Money.
第 1 步:访问门户链接 第二步:在线创建用户注册。用户将收到一封电子邮件,说明登录门户的临时密码。 第 3 步:使用通过电子邮件发送的临时密码登录门户。用户需要更改新密码。 第四步:更新用户信息。 第五步:点击“点击此处查找无人认领款项”,通过身份证号或公司注册号查看WTD并打印无人认领款项信息。

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