Amazon Web Services (AWS) invest in Malaysia by 2037

Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services announced to invest at lease MYR 25.5 billion in Malaysia by 2037.

AWS is a subsidiary of, inc. by 2006.

It is a comprehensive and widely used cloud computing platform that offers a variety of cloud services including computing power, storage, databases, analytics and more.

Infrastructure and services

AWS provides a vast of cloud-based infrastructure and services to individuals and businesses or organisations.

The popular offerings include

  • Amazon EC2 ( elastic compute cloud )for scalable victual servers
  • Amazon S3 ( simple storage service ) for object storage
  • Amazon RDS ( relational database service ) for manage relational databases
  • Amazon Lambda for server less computing.

AWS has a global network of data centres and availability zones allowing customers to deploy their applications and services worldwide while ensure redundancy and high availability.

Played a significant role in transforming the IT industry by enable to scale their resources on-demand, reduce infrastructure costs and innovate more rapidly.

What it can bring to country when invests in Malaysia

When Amazon Wed Services invests in Malaysia it can bring several benefits and features to the country. follow are some of the potential advantages;

  • Job recreation – often lead to the creation of jobs in various sectors including IT, data centre operations and support services.
  • Economic growth – contribute to the country’s economic growth by attracting other businesses startups to use AWS services
  • infrastructure development – Invest in local infrastructure networking and data centre facilities to establish and operate data centres and cloud services
  • Skills development – typically provides training and certification programs to local IT professionals
  • Support for startups – offers support and resources for startups and small businesses, this can encourage entrepreneurship and innovation in Malaysia.
  • Reduced latency – having local data centres can reduce latency for businesses and users in Malaysia when accessing cloud services.
  • Redundancy recovery – builds multiple data centres in a region which can provide redundancy recovery capabilities to reduce crucial for businesses.
  • Attracting foreign investment – AWS’s presence can signal to other international tech companies that Malaysia is a favourable destination for investment to attract more foreign direct investment (FDI) and boost the country’s tech ecosystem.
  • Global reach – easily expand their operations globally leveraging AWS’s extensive global network of data centres and services.

However it’s can also be challenges about data privacy and security, potential environmental impacts and competition with local providers.

Government to address these issues ensure that the investment is mutually beneficial for both parties and the Malaysia economy as a whole.