BKM – Bantuan Keluarga Malaysia

What is a BKM

BKM is a Government cash assistance to the needy to alleviate the cost of living and the burden of Low income citizens targeting groups for B40 households and singles, seniors and single parents.Payments will be make 4 times a year .


  1. Marriage applicants aged 59 years and BELOW with / without household income below RM2,500
  2. Marriage applicants aged 59 years ABOVE with income between RM2,501 – RM5,000
  3. Additional amount of RM300 for marriage Senior Citizens ABOVE aged 60 years old with / without household income in between RM0 – 5,000
  4. Additional amount of IBT RM500 for SINGLE PARENT who’s has children with / without household income RM0 – RM5,000
  5. Single unmarried and Single Parents ( IBT ) aged 59 years and below with No Children – Household income RM0 – RM5,000

Who’s eligible

  • Single Parents with eligible children, house income RM5,000 and below
  • Single Senior Citizen aged 60 years above who’s did not have children with household income less then RM5,000
  • Single Citizen aged between 29 – 59 years with household income less then RM2,500

How to apply BKM

If you are an BPR 2021 recipient, BKC B40 recipient and BPR 2021 applicant who’s did not pass on the groups of receiving GKP you will be automatically taken into the BKM system for eligibility verification. If you have never applied for an ACA or BKC ( you should have no record in the IRBM’s database) you could make a new application through BKM brand / portal , satellite office, revenue service center and Urban transformation Center (UTC) .

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BKM - 马来西亚家庭援助

BKM 是政府为有需要的人提供现金援助,以减轻生活成本和低收入公民的负担,目标群体为 B40 家庭和单身、老年人和单亲父母。每年支付 4 次.


2)年龄在 59 岁以上且收入介于 RM2,501 至 RM5,000 之间的婚姻申请人
3)60 岁以上的长者结婚加额 RM300,家庭收入在 RM0 - 5,000 之间
4)有/没有家庭收入 RM0 - RM5,000 的孩子的单亲父母的额外 IBT RM500
5)59 岁及以下没有孩子的单身未婚和单亲父母 (IBT) - 家庭收入 RM0 - RM5,000


*有符合条件的孩子的单亲父母,房屋收入 RM5,000 或以下

如果您是 BPR 2021 接收者、BKC B40 接收者和 BPR 2021 申请人,但未通过 GKP 接收组,您将自动进入 BKM 系统进行资格验证。如果您从未申请过 ACA 或 BKC(您应该在 IRBM 的数据库中没有记录),您可以通过 BKM 品牌/门户、卫星办公室、收入服务中心和城市转型中心 (UTC) 进行新的申请。