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Home loan playing an important portion on buying a house , there are many types of loans in the market that you can take to pay for the property you intend to buy. Take a look at the four most common home loan packages in Malaysia.

Term Loan

This is the most conventional of all the loans. You pay interest and principal throughout the tenure. In term loan has a maximum tenure of 35 years or age 70, whichever comes first. If you would like to pay more to finish the loan earlier, you will need to inform the bank before hand in order to reduce the principal otherwise the extra payment will go towards prepayment for the following months.


Overdraft, the borrowers only pay interest portion without having to pay the principal. How much interest you are charge will depend on how much you have utilise the overdraft facility. Overdraft is good for businesses because any surplus funds at anytime can be deposited into the overdraft account, therefore reducing the overdraft balances and consequently, the interest charge, which is calculate on daily rest.

Flexi Loan

Flexi loan is a hybrid between a term loan and overdraft, beside of monthly instalment the borrowers can do any additional repayment at any time. The additional repayment will go towards reducing the interest charge on the flexi-loan facility as the principal owing to the bank has been reduces. extra charge may incur when you pay more towards reducing the principal.

Home Loan & Finances


Islamic Loan

Islamic loan uses the Murabahah concept under syariah principle banks will buy the property from the borrower and then rent it back to them. The bank will determine the profit rate in advance after considering the tenure duration , the fixed or floating interest rate are available but the interest on the floating rate is lower than the fixe rate.

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