How do you calculate Return On Invest Property ?

Return On Invest Property

Return on invest property when you are interest investing in real estate you need to know how to measure the profitability of your properties.

One of the most common and useful metric is the return on investment (ROI) which tell you how much income you earn form your property relative to its cost.

Calculating return on investment in real estate is essential for investor to assess the profitability of their real estate investments

ROI helps investors determine whether a particular property or investment opportunity is a sound financial decision how to calculate ROI in real estate and why it’s important and what factors affect it. 

Why and How to calculate

ROI is the ratio that compares the net income you generate from a property over the total amount you invest

Net income is the difference between your rental income and your operating expenses such as taxes, insurance, maintenance and mortgage interest payments.

Total amount invested includes the purchase price, closing costs, renovation costs and any other upfront or ongoing costs.

How to Calculate ROI in Real Estate:

The basic formula for calculating ROI in real estate is as follows:

ROI (%) = (Net Profit / Total Investment) x 100

Why Calculating ROI in Real Estate is importance

Calculate ROI is important because it helps you evaluate the performance of your property and to other investment options.

Higher ROI means that you are earning more income relative to your costs which are profitable and efficient investment.

By calculating you can determine if a property is worth buying, selling or holding and how to optimise your cash flow and equity.


  • ROI provides a clear financial assessment of a real estate investment to evaluate neither the property is generating positive returns
  • By calculating the ROI for multiple properties you can determine which one offers the best potential for returns.
  • Lower returns may indicate higher risk while higher returns may suggest a more attractive investment opportunity
  • It helps investors decide whether to purchase, hold or sell a property when the ROI is below expectations
  • It helps achieving a certain annual or building long-term wealth and track progress toward these goals.
  • Financial institutions often use ROI as one of the metric to access the creditworthiness of a real estate investment and a health ROI may can make it easier to secure financing

What is consider a good Return on invest

There is no definitive answer to what is good return on invest for a property as it depends on various factors such as your goal, risk tolerance, market conditions and opportunity costs.

Some general guidelines can help you access your ROI like compare to average ROI of similar properties in same area.

How to get ROI improve

To improve your ROI on a property there’s have two main options by increase your income or decrease your costs.

  • To improve your income return you can raise your rent, add value-added services, improve your occupancy rate or use a property advisor to optimise your marketing and tenant screening.
  • To decrease your costs you can refinancing your mortgage or claim tac deductions and depreciation, by doing these things you can boost your net income.