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Musang King

Musang King Durian is a premium variety of durian fruit that is sought after for its unique and intensive flavor, creamy texture and distinctive aroma. Its one of the best durian varieties in the world.

Musang King Durian is typically grown in the Southeast Asia regions particularly in Malaysia, the fruit is characterized by thorny exterior, bright yellow flesh, bittersweet flavor with hints of caramel, vanilla and slightly bitter finish.

In terms of growing features its need a hot and humid climate, rich soil and regular irrigation to thrive. The trees can take up to seven years to mature and start producing.

Harvesting require skill and precision as the fruit must be picked at the right time to ensure maximum ripeness and flavor, Once harvested the fruit must be carefully handle and transported to prevent damage and spoilage.

Thus due to its popularity and demand Musang King Durian is often sold at premium prices.

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Malaysia Musang King land for sale

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