Omega Smart Automation Warehouse in Malaysia @ Rental

Omega the smart warehouse with automation build-up in Southeast-Asia comprises 1.2mil sf. warehouse spaces.

Integrating expertise in automation solutions and IT development capabilities to smart warehouse infrastructure.


Omega Smart Automation Warehouse in Malaysia @ Rental

Utilize automation solutions to manage scale, optimize stock / supply chain through technologies.

Expertise throughout the logistics value chain, harness logistics data as essential resources.

Omega Smart Automation Warehouse Malaysia

Engineered through in-depth of logistics operations, building design and automation link.


ALPOS is an apps allowing clients seamlessly integrated with OMEGA’s automation solutions via warehouse management systems (WMS).

Unit Specifications

Omega Smart Automation Warehouse in Malaysia @ Rental
Loading Dock9 nos20ft & 40ft truck loading dock
Goods lift2 nosMax. capacity 4,980kg
Fireman lift2 nosMax. capacity 1,025kg
Ramp1 nosStaircase provide access between loading bay and open warehouse
Lavatory1 setConsist male & female toilets, pantry and Janitor room.
Floor loading24KN/sqmBelow mezzanine floor = 12kn/sqm
Mezzanine floor = 8kn/sqm
Ceiling height10.5mBelow mezzanine floor = 4.8m
Mezzanine floor = 4.2m

Open Warehouse and AS/RS Zone

Traditional warehouse offers fixed place but clients often used overpay for unused pallets due to utilization issue.

Omega fully utilized pallets position and the corresponding handing area.

The number shown for required and pullet position are calculated based ALPM assumption. The actual number would be subject o the final proposal.

Includes infrastructure for pallet handling AGVs are optional equipment, the number of cranes and AGVs is subject to client operational needs.

Pricing Model

Consisting of conventional open warehouse and AS/RS Zone, accompanied by pricing fees for pallets store and pallets handing.

For pallet put away and retrieval in AS/RS zone includes

  • IT infrastructure and ALPOS
  • AGV robots and I/O ports
  • Selective racking design

Omega Smart Automation Warehouse in Malaysia @ Rental

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