OPR & Interest rate, Malaysia

OPR rate

Bank Negara Malaysia has raised its fourth overnight policy rate ( OPR ) by 0.25 basic points to 2.75% this year on its November 3, 2022.

The Monetary Policy Committee Malaysia is a committee under the central Bank Negara Malaysia responsible for formulating and implementing the country’s monetary policy.

The main tasks of the MPC is to determine the overnight policy rate (OPR) which is the benchmark interest rate set by the central bank of Malaysia

Any changer by which will affects the interest rate on loans, savings and investments.

The MPC’s primary objective is to ensure stability and sustainable economy growth in Malaysia

In consider various economy indicators such as inflation, growth, employment rates and consumer spending as well as external factors such as global economic conditions, geopolitical ricks and commodity prices.

OPR rate - Bank Negara Malaysia annouced OPR rate Malaysia .

Bank Negara Malaysia

Monetary Policy Statement 2022 – 2023

DateChange in OPRNew OPR level
May 9, 2024maintain3.00%
May 3, 2023+0.25%3.00%
Nov 3, 2022+0.25%2.75%
Sep 8, 2022+0.25%2.50%
July 6, 2022+0.25%2.25%
May 11, 2022+0.25%2.00%