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Find for Real Estate Property Agent in Selangor, Malaysia

Real Estate Agent

Real estate agents also know as Property agent who’s provide a wide range of professional services related to buying, selling and renting real property such as houses, apartments, commercial buildings, industrial factory and land.

The primary role is to facilitate real estate transactions and ensure that the process goes smoothly for all parties involved. Real estate agents play a crucial in the real estate industry by providing valuable expertise, facilitating transactions

helping clients navigate the complex process of buying, selling or renting property essential for both individuals and businesses involved in real estate transactions.


Keys Services

Determine the market value by conducting comparative market analyses, access various factors including property condition, location, recent sale data and market trends.

Create detailed property listings that include essential information, high-quality photos and descriptions  to attract potential customers .

Promote properties to a wide audience includes utilizing online platform, social media, advertising and networking to reach prospective buyers or renters.

Representing respective interests between buyers and sellers negotiate behalf to secure the best possible deal in price, terms and conditions.

Schedule and conduct property showings for potential buyers, highlight the property’s features and address relate questions or concerns from clients.

Stay updated on local real estate trends, property values helps clients make informed decisions about buying and selling.

Help to following the paperwork and documentation involve in transactions ensuring that all parties meet deadlines and fulfill their obligation.

Advice clients through the closing process includes the proper transfer of funds and facilitating the signing of legal documents.

Specialize in property rental and assist landlords in finding tenants and handling lease agreements.

Offer investment advice to clients looking as an investment access the potential for rental income, property appreciation.


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Mortgage Officer

also known as loan officer is an individual who works in the mortgage industry usually within a financial institution such as a Bank, credit union, mortgage brokerage, Their primary role is to assist purchaser in obtaining mortgage loan for purchasing real estate property.

Mortgage officer play a crucial role in facilitating the loan application process and ensure that customer find suits loan options base on their financial circumstances.


The duty of mortgage officer include;

  1. Customer interaction: Mortgage officer work directly with potential customers guiding them through the loan application process, provide information about difference types of mortgage products, interest rate, terms and payment options helping them make informed decisions.
  2. Application and Pre-qualify: Assist in completing loan applications and gather necessary financial information such as income, employ history, credit scores and debt levels, base on this information they perform a pre-qualification assessment to determine the amount of loan that might be eligible for.
  3. Financial Analysis: analyse the financial information to access their creditworthiness  and ability to recommend loan product that align with their  needs and financial capacity
  4. Assistance with documentation: help borrower gather and submit the necessary document require for loan approve that can include pay stubs, tax returns, bank statements and other financial records.


Ms Yum Shirley is the founder who established the firm of MESSRS YUM SHIRLEY & CO (“YSC”) in March 2004. The firm was formed with the intention of focusing its resources to handle all legal matters of esteemed well-wishers and also clients.
Our mission is to give the best available advice, merging the technicalities of the law  with the requirements of
business and the individual. We feel that it is from our application of law that our clients get most benefit. We avoid rigid departmentalization so that we give a wider range of thought to any given subject. We pursue our mission in a professional manner with the utmost integrity and respect for our clients, our employees and for the communities in which we serve.
We provide legal advisory and consultancy services to business and individuals engaged in a great variety of activities and in many branches of the law especially the following
  • Banking, finance and securities, business and corporate Specializing in all areas of corporate and commercial law including mergers and acquisitions, consultancy on anti money laundering laws, stock exchange, joint ventures, cross border investments, agency, dealership, franchising, licensing,distributorship and employment matters.
  • Conveyancing Specializing on all areas of sub-sales, tenancy and loan documents for banks,developers and individuals.
  • Info-communications and technology Specializing in legal matters related to information technology,telecommunications, broadcasting and multimedia practices.
  • Insolvency and reorganization Specializing both in insolvency related matters like bankruptcy, liquidation and receivership.
  • Intellectual property Advising and submission of trade mark protection, copyright and design rights, patent protection, intellectual property litigation, franchising, licensing, distributorship and technology transfer.
  • Litigation and dispute resolution Our clients include offshore companies as well as high -profile individuals. The full ranges of matters that we have handle are commercial claims, industrial disputes, criminal matters, defence of alleged money launderers.
  • Trusts, estate planning and probate advising and preparation of Wills, matters related to trust, estate planning and probate.
Mortgage Reducing Term Assurance

Mortgage Reducing Term Assurance

is an insurance policy that provides financial protection for property loan borrowers to helps settle outstanding loan amount in the even of death or total / permanent disablement of the borrower.

Why do your need it?

The home loan life insurance is essentially a protection mechanism for all people with mortgage. In the even of untimely death or disability of using borrower ( significantly the main income earner).

The greatest problem facing surviving household members is their ability to pay off the outstanding loan, in many instances the surviving family members may even need to sell off the property at less than competitive price just to pay off the outstanding loan.

Surviving family’s members will not be left in such burden because it cover part or all of the unpaid portion of a housing loan.


Types of Mortgage Insurances

In Malaysia there are two types of mortgage life insurance available which is Mortgage Reducing Term Assurance (MRTA) or Mortgage Decreasing Term Assurance (MDTA) and Mortgage Level Term Assurance (MLTA).



MRTA is a life insurance plan with decreasing sum assured over time and it used just to cover you outstanding home loan owed to bank, this plan is usually offere by the bank you are getting the mortgage from or insurance advisor. This use as protection for the bank in case of misfortunes that stop you from servicing the loan.

The MRTA is most suitable for those who have adequate standalone life and medical insurance and do not have many financial dependents, this type of insurance will only take care of your home loan and not fully repaid in the even of TPD and death.



MLTA is a slight variation from MRTA and offers an alternative for a borrower who is looking for a life insurance which offers protection plus savings and in some policies returns on the premium. This is a personal plan where you and your dependants are financially protected.

The MLTA is best for those who need an extra financial protection in the worst case scenario as it also has a cash value th the end of the policy, Its good for those who have many financial family’s dependents.

Property Agents

Find the Property Agents for buying, selling and renting properties. Get experiences assistance and a wide range of property options in Malaysia.



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