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Industrial Master Plan (NIMP 2030) by Malaysia Government

New Industrial Master Plan

The government’s implementation of the New Industrial Master Plan 2030 to propel the country’s economic growth.

Four missions have been formulate to drive industry transformation at a large scale

  • Encourage industries to innovate and produce more sophisticated products
  • To embrace technology and digital transformation to dive into innovative and enhance productivity
  • Pushing to net zero through sustainable practices and green initiatives
  • Safeguard the economic security and inclusivity via enabling supply chain security

Interventions for high-impact sectors like E&E, Chemical, EV, Pharmaceuticals, Minerals and metal and due to industry’s growing trajectory to the creation high-skilled jobs

Value-added and improvement in automation and technological advancements expected to grow the median salary in the manufacturing sector to reach from Rm1,976 to Rm4,510.

To provide the immediate roll-out of NIMP implementation several mission-base projects have been identify. These fundamental projects are expect to accelerate the developments of an inclusive ecosystem that integrates SME’s into the value chain and rally the entire industry.

The New Industrial Master Plan 2030 expect costing some RM95 billion in total investment over the seven year long plan period of its implementation towards higher value-added activities is expect to provide employment for 3.3 million people through the creation of high-skilled jobs.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) invest in Malaysia by 2037

Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services announced to invest at lease MYR 25.5 billion in Malaysia by 2037.

AWS is a subsidiary of Amazon.com, inc. by 2006.

It is a comprehensive and widely used cloud computing platform that offers a variety of cloud services including computing power, storage, databases, analytics and more.

Infrastructure and services

AWS provides a vast of cloud-based infrastructure and services to individuals and businesses or organisations.

The popular offerings include

  • Amazon EC2 ( elastic compute cloud )for scalable victual servers
  • Amazon S3 ( simple storage service ) for object storage
  • Amazon RDS ( relational database service ) for manage relational databases
  • Amazon Lambda for server less computing.

AWS has a global network of data centres and availability zones allowing customers to deploy their applications and services worldwide while ensure redundancy and high availability.

Played a significant role in transforming the IT industry by enable to scale their resources on-demand, reduce infrastructure costs and innovate more rapidly.

What it can bring to country when invests in Malaysia

When Amazon Wed Services invests in Malaysia it can bring several benefits and features to the country. follow are some of the potential advantages;

  • Job recreation – often lead to the creation of jobs in various sectors including IT, data centre operations and support services.
  • Economic growth – contribute to the country’s economic growth by attracting other businesses startups to use AWS services
  • infrastructure development – Invest in local infrastructure networking and data centre facilities to establish and operate data centres and cloud services
  • Skills development – typically provides training and certification programs to local IT professionals
  • Support for startups – offers support and resources for startups and small businesses, this can encourage entrepreneurship and innovation in Malaysia.
  • Reduced latency – having local data centres can reduce latency for businesses and users in Malaysia when accessing cloud services.
  • Redundancy recovery – builds multiple data centres in a region which can provide redundancy recovery capabilities to reduce crucial for businesses.
  • Attracting foreign investment – AWS’s presence can signal to other international tech companies that Malaysia is a favourable destination for investment to attract more foreign direct investment (FDI) and boost the country’s tech ecosystem.
  • Global reach – easily expand their operations globally leveraging AWS’s extensive global network of data centres and services.

However it’s can also be challenges about data privacy and security, potential environmental impacts and competition with local providers.

Government to address these issues ensure that the investment is mutually beneficial for both parties and the Malaysia economy as a whole.

Tesla to invest in Malaysia boosting economic growth


An American electric vehicle announced its strategic establish expansion into Malaysia market on July,20 2023.

The company known for its innovative electric cars, battery technology and renewable energy products to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy by offering electric vehicles that are high-performance and a small environment impact compare to traditional internal combustion engine vehicles.


The company will set up its head office and service centre in Cyberjaya, Selangor Malaysia as the central hub for all corporate operations, sales, training, vehicle services and customer support .

Cyberjaya, in the industrial state of Selangor is a home to several international automakers and assembly plants operate by likes of Toyota, Honda, BME, Mercedes-Benz and more.

Model 3 and Model Y

Tesla will introduce its lineup of electric vehicles to Malaysian consumers starting with its Model 3 and Model Y.

Conducting online sales of its Model 3 and Modal Y in Malaysia and will be opening a headquarter, Tesla experience and service centre as part of the country battery electric vehicle global leaders initiative.

Tesla is officially launching in Malaysia on July 20, 2023
Model y
Tesla is officially launching in Malaysia on July 20, 2023
Model 3

Charging Infrastructure

As electric vehicle require charging infrastructure Tesla collaborate with local partners to establish a network of charging stations across the country include Pavilion, Gamuda, Sunway, Quill, MRCB and Levn. These supercharger stations provide fast charging for Tesla vehicle.

Boosting local economy

  • Establishing a manufacturing plant in Malaysia could potentially create job opportunity and boost the local economy
  • Lead to job creation across various sectors including sales, manufacturing, research, maintenance and development.
  • Reduce air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions in Malaysia helping the country move towards its sustainable goals
  • Promote technological advancement in the automotive and renewable energy sectors encouraging local innovation and research

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