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Integrated Regional Development Zone Selangor @ IDRISS


The Selangor state government has officially launched the Southern Selangor Integrated Regional Development aims to provide economic impetus to Sepang and Kuala Langat .

Involves an area spanning 40,000 acres in the Sepang and Kuala Langat districts , several incentives to drive the development managed by the industrial Park Manager with additional incentives to facilitate investments . 

Benefits to IDRISS

Southern Selangor Integrated Regional Development offers several benefits to promote investment and economic development in the zone area includes;

  • Special Premium Scheme – developers receive incentives to spur IDRISS development
  • Interest-free instalment payments – developers can pay development charges in instalments without interest.
  • Vacant land assessment tax exemption – No assessment tax is levied on vacant land within IDRISS.
  • 50% reduction in vacant building assessment tax.
  • Business license fee exemption

The state government aims to position Selangor as an investment and trade hub in the region has introduced several incentives to facilitate investments including fast-tracking processes and approval periods.

IDRISS covers as estimated area of 20,000 hectare with an estimated gross development value of RM 1 trillion, it’s strategic initiative to drive sustainable grown in Selangor.


Integrated Regional Development Zone Selangor @ IDRISS