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Dividend by EPF Malaysia for year’s

Dividend by EPF Malaysia

Dividend announced by EPF Malaysia a dividend rate of conventional saving and 4.75% for Syariah account.

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Semakan Dividen

EPF member are able to check the amount of dividends 2022 that have been credit into statement account from March 4, 2023 online .

Guarantee Dividend

The guarantees a minimum of 2.5% for Conventional account through approve investments to ensure that your saving are secured.

Annual payout is credit based on your savings as at 1st January yearly and calculate based on your daily aggregate balance.

Mandatory and voluntary

Under voluntary Individual employed, self-employ or business owners are eligible to contribute based on their own requirement.

Whereas your monthly contribution will earn dividend base on day’s in the month of said contribution until the end of that year.

Mandatory Rate

11% Employee compulsory contribute rate.

13% Employers Compulsory contribute rate ( salary RM5,000 & below)

12% Employers compulsory contribute rate ( salary RM5,000 & above)

Annual Tax Exemption

Tax-deductible up to a maximum amount of RM4,000 or more subject to amendments ( if any) by the government.

Withdraw of EPF Savings are free from paying income tax and returns on the EPF investment are also tax-exempted.


马来西亚公积金局的股息宣布其 2022 年传统储蓄的股息率为 5.35%,伊斯兰教的股息率为 4.75%, 公积金局会员可以在线查看从2023年3月4日起存入报表账户的2022年股息金额.

公积金局通过批准的投资为常规账户提供至少 2.5% 的保证,以确保您的储蓄有保障, 年度支出是根据您每年 1 月 1 日的储蓄计算的,并根据您的每日总余额计算.

在自愿的情况下,受雇个人、个体经营者或企业主有资格根据自己的要求缴款, 而您的每月供款将在该供款月份的当天赚取股息,直至该年年底.

根据政府的修订(如果有),最高可扣税 RM4,000 或更多,