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Bangi Industrial Park Selangor, Semi d and Detached factory

Bangi Industrial Park

Bangi industrial Park focused on rationality and efficiency provides showrooms to present products.

This gated Industrial park is mainly designed for electronic products, food processing, semiconductor , auto parts, precision engineering, logistics and warehousing, data centres, information technology etc.  


Approx.20 acres industrial park include 49 units factories.

The district provides a pro-business environment with a cluster-oriented customer base

Bangi Industrial Park Selangor, Gated factory for sale



Industrial Park Selangor

Bangi Industrial Park Selangor, Gated factory for sale

Building Specification


Strategically positioned within close proximity to Kuala Lumpur, Putrajaya, Cyberjaya and KLIA airport.

Easy access via the Silk highway, Sungai Besi highway and North-South expressway.

Bangi Industrial Park Selangor, Gated factory for sale

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Bangi Industrial Park Selangor, Gated factory for sale

Tijani Ukay Perdana Kuala Lumpur @ Symphony Life Bungalow

Tijani Ukay

Tijani Ukay Perdana Kuala Lumpur 2.5 story bungalow house for sale

The nature’s symphony at the center stage experience the litter joys of life right at your doorstep enclave instill our zero-lot bungalows with the perfect balance of modernity and serenity.

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Symphony Life Bungalow

  • 2.5 story Bungalow
  • Leasehold
  • Gated and Guarded
  • 5+1 bedrooms
  • 6 bathrooms
  • Changing walkway
  • Build-up approx. 4,900 sf.
  • Land area 4,479 sf.
  • Kitchen, 1st & 2nd floor extended
  • Rest / game area
  • Furnished

Origin floor plan

Tijani Ukay Perdana Kuala Lumpur @ Symphony Life Bungalow


  • Privacy / Sanctuary / Tranquility
  • Double frontage
  • Proximity o facilities
  • Vertical landscape
  • Child daycare
  • Clubhouse facilities
  • Basketball
  • Jogging track
  • Gymnasium
  • Tennis court
  • Club house lounge
  • Perimeter fencing and CCTV surveillance
  • 24 hour security control

Ukay Perdana Bungalow

Mont Kiara Hilltop Luxury Condominium – exclusive previews

Mont Kiara Hilltop

Mont Kiara hilltop condominium situated in a cosmopolitan city that meets a array of lifestyle, educations, retails and dining option.

Luxury and Privacy

A cosmopolitan that host a myriad of local and international lifestyle, exclusive designed typical layout plans from 1,000 sq.ft. and resident’s lift lobby ( Tower B only ) perfectly to own use or as investments.

Mont Kiara Hilltop Luxury Condominium - exclusive previews

Elevated living with curated concierge services

Experience the epitome of luxury here to enjoy the privilege of complementary and on-demand indulge in a new standard of luxury living.

Resort-inspired facilities

Tranquil relaxation with a curated collection of facilities and experiences nature-bond gateways.

Mont Kiara Hilltop Luxury Condominium - exclusive previews


Residential title, Low density, freehold, Direct access to car-park, Central greenery park, Resident’s lift lobby.

Mont Kiara Hilltop Luxury Condominium - exclusive previews

Stonor 3 Luxury living KLCC condominium
Stonor 3 KLCC
Sapphire Paradigm service residence Petaling Jaya Selangor
Sapphire Paradigm Petaling Jaya
Service residence for sale and rent the park 2 residence Bukit Jalil
Park 2 Residence Bukit Jalil

Real Estate and Property Agent Selangor Malaysia

Real Estate and Property Agent

Real estate agents play a crucial role in facilitating property transactions whether it involves buying, selling, renting or leasing properties.

Our work involves a variety of features and responsibilities to provide value and ensure successful real estate transactions .

Residential Property Selangor , Malaysia

Real Estate and Property Agent Selangor Malaysia


Real Estate and Property Agent Selangor Malaysia



Real Estate and Property Agent Selangor Malaysia

(Registered real estate agent’s in Selangor Malaysia)

Area 21 Balakong Jaya Entrepreneur Hub, 2.5 story Semi-d factory

Area 21 Balakong Jaya

Area 21 entrepreneur hub 2.5 story Semi-d factory, offices, warehouse and Showrooms designated with modernistic to all your business expectations

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2.5 story Semi-D Factory

In total of 20 units 2.5 story FREEHOLD Semi-d factories measuring land sizes from 11,718 sf. to 23,712 sf. with the build-up areas of 8,595 sf. – 10,430 sf.


  • 66ft road access
  • Motorize Roller Shutter
  • 200 amp power supply
  • 10kn/m3 heavy duty floor
  • 30 feet ceiling height
  • Prime commercial zone
  • Security guarded
  • Rm5,800,000

Floor plan

Area 21 Balakong Jaya Entrepreneur Hub, 2.5 story Semi-d factory

Ground floor plan (4,340 sf.)

1st floor plan (1,750 sf.)

Area 21 Balakong Jaya Entrepreneur Hub, 2.5 story Semi-d factory

2nd floor (4,340 sf.)

Entrepreneur Hub

Area 21 Balakong Jaya entrepreneur hub will be the destination catering for the future of your auspicious business sector local and internationally.

How do you calculate Return On Invest Property ?

Return On Invest Property

Return on invest property when you are interest investing in real estate you need to know how to measure the profitability of your properties.

One of the most common and useful metric is the return on investment (ROI) which tell you how much income you earn form your property relative to its cost.

Calculating return on investment in real estate is essential for investor to assess the profitability of their real estate investments

ROI helps investors determine whether a particular property or investment opportunity is a sound financial decision how to calculate ROI in real estate and why it’s important and what factors affect it. 

Why and How to calculate

ROI is the ratio that compares the net income you generate from a property over the total amount you invest

Net income is the difference between your rental income and your operating expenses such as taxes, insurance, maintenance and mortgage interest payments.

Total amount invested includes the purchase price, closing costs, renovation costs and any other upfront or ongoing costs.

How to Calculate ROI in Real Estate:

The basic formula for calculating ROI in real estate is as follows:

ROI (%) = (Net Profit / Total Investment) x 100

Why Calculating ROI in Real Estate is importance

Calculate ROI is important because it helps you evaluate the performance of your property and to other investment options.

Higher ROI means that you are earning more income relative to your costs which are profitable and efficient investment.

By calculating you can determine if a property is worth buying, selling or holding and how to optimise your cash flow and equity.


  • ROI provides a clear financial assessment of a real estate investment to evaluate neither the property is generating positive returns
  • By calculating the ROI for multiple properties you can determine which one offers the best potential for returns.
  • Lower returns may indicate higher risk while higher returns may suggest a more attractive investment opportunity
  • It helps investors decide whether to purchase, hold or sell a property when the ROI is below expectations
  • It helps achieving a certain annual or building long-term wealth and track progress toward these goals.
  • Financial institutions often use ROI as one of the metric to access the creditworthiness of a real estate investment and a health ROI may can make it easier to secure financing

What is consider a good Return on invest

There is no definitive answer to what is good return on invest for a property as it depends on various factors such as your goal, risk tolerance, market conditions and opportunity costs.

Some general guidelines can help you access your ROI like compare to average ROI of similar properties in same area.

How to get ROI improve

To improve your ROI on a property there’s have two main options by increase your income or decrease your costs.

  • To improve your income return you can raise your rent, add value-added services, improve your occupancy rate or use a property advisor to optimise your marketing and tenant screening.
  • To decrease your costs you can refinancing your mortgage or claim tac deductions and depreciation, by doing these things you can boost your net income.

New Industrial Master Plan (NIMP 2030) by Malaysia Government

New Industrial Master Plan

The government’s implementation of the New Industrial Master Plan 2030 to propel the country’s economic growth.

Four missions have been formulate to drive industry transformation at a large scale

  • Encourage industries to innovate and produce more sophisticated products
  • To embrace technology and digital transformation to dive into innovative and enhance productivity
  • Pushing to net zero through sustainable practices and green initiatives
  • Safeguard the economic security and inclusivity via enabling supply chain security

Interventions for high-impact sectors like E&E, Chemical, EV, Pharmaceuticals, Minerals and metal and due to industry’s growing trajectory to the creation high-skilled jobs

Value-added and improvement in automation and technological advancements expected to grow the median salary in the manufacturing sector to reach from Rm1,976 to Rm4,510.

To provide the immediate roll-out of NIMP implementation several mission-base projects have been identify. These fundamental projects are expect to accelerate the developments of an inclusive ecosystem that integrates SME’s into the value chain and rally the entire industry.

The New Industrial Master Plan 2030 expect costing some RM95 billion in total investment over the seven year long plan period of its implementation towards higher value-added activities is expect to provide employment for 3.3 million people through the creation of high-skilled jobs.

Subang Jaya USJ Shops and offices for rent @ USJ 10, Selangor

Subang Jaya USJ

USJ Subang Jaya ground floor shops and upper offices for rental, A commercial hub in USJ Taipan, Selangor.

Contact 012-7927511

Shops and offices for rent USJ

  • Ground floor shops
  • Upper offices
  • 22×70, 22×80
  • Intermediate, corner*

USJ 10

USJ 10 is located within the larger township of Subang Jaya in Selangor, Malaysia, well-established and vibrant suburban city in the klang valley region.

Strategically location providing easy access to major highways cater to both residents and the broader Subang Jaya community.

The commercial hub can attract shoppers, diners, services seeker and more from nearby neighborhoods.

Shop for sale Subang Jaya with rental income
Office for rent, USJ Subang Jaya

Amazon Web Services (AWS) invest in Malaysia by 2037

Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services announced to invest at lease MYR 25.5 billion in Malaysia by 2037.

AWS is a subsidiary of Amazon.com, inc. by 2006.

It is a comprehensive and widely used cloud computing platform that offers a variety of cloud services including computing power, storage, databases, analytics and more.

Infrastructure and services

AWS provides a vast of cloud-based infrastructure and services to individuals and businesses or organisations.

The popular offerings include

  • Amazon EC2 ( elastic compute cloud )for scalable victual servers
  • Amazon S3 ( simple storage service ) for object storage
  • Amazon RDS ( relational database service ) for manage relational databases
  • Amazon Lambda for server less computing.

AWS has a global network of data centres and availability zones allowing customers to deploy their applications and services worldwide while ensure redundancy and high availability.

Played a significant role in transforming the IT industry by enable to scale their resources on-demand, reduce infrastructure costs and innovate more rapidly.

What it can bring to country when invests in Malaysia

When Amazon Wed Services invests in Malaysia it can bring several benefits and features to the country. follow are some of the potential advantages;

  • Job recreation – often lead to the creation of jobs in various sectors including IT, data centre operations and support services.
  • Economic growth – contribute to the country’s economic growth by attracting other businesses startups to use AWS services
  • infrastructure development – Invest in local infrastructure networking and data centre facilities to establish and operate data centres and cloud services
  • Skills development – typically provides training and certification programs to local IT professionals
  • Support for startups – offers support and resources for startups and small businesses, this can encourage entrepreneurship and innovation in Malaysia.
  • Reduced latency – having local data centres can reduce latency for businesses and users in Malaysia when accessing cloud services.
  • Redundancy recovery – builds multiple data centres in a region which can provide redundancy recovery capabilities to reduce crucial for businesses.
  • Attracting foreign investment – AWS’s presence can signal to other international tech companies that Malaysia is a favourable destination for investment to attract more foreign direct investment (FDI) and boost the country’s tech ecosystem.
  • Global reach – easily expand their operations globally leveraging AWS’s extensive global network of data centres and services.

However it’s can also be challenges about data privacy and security, potential environmental impacts and competition with local providers.

Government to address these issues ensure that the investment is mutually beneficial for both parties and the Malaysia economy as a whole.

Industrial Land in puchong for sale, Selangor, Malaysia

Industrial Land in Puchong

Offers valuable opportunity for business growth and development , strategy location in Selangor Malaysia thrive industry hub make it a prime choice for various industry venture.

Investors and corporate firms looking for suitable plots can explore the area’s well connected infrastructure, transportation links and proximity to key markets.

Reach us 012-7927511

Land for sale

  • Various sizes between 25k sq.ft – 56k sq.ft
  • Located PUCHONG SELANGOR Malaysia
  • Ready infra
  • Road site land’s
  • Leasehold

Selangor Malaysia

Industrial Land for sale in Semenyih, Selangor
Semenyih Industrial land
Jenjarom Selangor industrial land for sale
Jenjarom Klang industrial land
Glenmarie Industrial Land, Shah Alam, Selangor
Glenmarie Shah Alam