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Property Wanted – list with us

Property Wanted

Welcome all, we offers a range of features and services when you list your property in our Property Wanted platform include you will receive professional support and assist throughout the selling or renting process, leading to a success deals.

Accurately assess the property’s value, considering current market conditions and recent sales to help owner set the rights price ensures that the property is competitively priced maximizing its chances of attracting potential buyers.

Promote the property through our Data, online listings, social media, print advertisements, open houses and more, reaching a broader audience of potential buyers than individual sellers could on their own.

With a network of qualified buyers and tenants whos actively looking for properties increasing the likelihood of finding buyer or tenant quickly and essential negotiation for best deal and terms.

Pre-screen potential buyers and handle to all inquiries, safeguarding the owner’s personal information ensures privacy and security during the selling process.

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    Property wanted check-list

    We welcome to all types of properties list, below are a checklist property wanted for current ready prospective buyer , tenants and investor who are looking for particular property.

    To Purchase

    1. Semi detached factory at Subang , shah Alam or Puchong Selangor.
    2. The Tropika Bukit Jalil
    3. Semi detached factory
    4. The link 2 Bukit Jalil
    5. KM West condominium
    6. KM east condominium
    7. Skyluxe Bukit Jalil
    8. The Park Sky residence Bukit Jalil
    9. Bandar Kinrara
    10. Bukit angkat factories
    11. Balakong factories
    12. Klang Valley factories
    13. The park sky residence – All Types
    14. The Harvest Bukit Jalil
    15. The Park 2 residence Bukit Jalil
    16. Shop for sale Subang, Petaling, Puchong, Damansara and Klang valley
    17. Industrial land Glenmarie, Puchong, Subang, Damansara and everyway at klang valley.
    18. Agriculture land
    19. All types of factory
    20. Landed house
    21. Conezion residence

    To Rent

    1. Semi detached factory
    2. Warehouse
    3. Semi detached factory at Subang , shah alam or puchong Selangor.
    4. The park sky residence Bukit Jalil 3 bedrooms units
    5. Semi detached factory
    6. Park 2 residences Bukit Jalil
    7. KM West condominium
    8. KM east condominium
    9. Skyluxe Bukit Jalil
    10. The Park Sky residence Bukit Jalil
    11. Bandar kinrara 2 story house
    12. Warehouse for rent Puchong, Shah, Alam and Klang valley.
    13. Link factory Klang Valley areas
    14. Semi-d factory Klang Valley areas
    15. Subang , Shah Alam or Petaling or Puchong Semi-d factory rental
    16. Selangor Shop rental
    17. All-types of factory
    18. The park 2 Bukit Jalil
    19. The Tropika Bukit Jalil
    20. The Harvest Bukit Jalil
    21. landed house
    22. Conezion residence
    23. Clio 2 residence
    24. Par 3 condominium
    25. Autoville Cyberjaya semi d factory
    26. Bandar baru bangi factory

    List with us, Real estate agent Services

    List to us

    Real estate agent services.

    List with us for your property intentionally for sale or rental via real estate agent service

    No matter you’re intend to Sale off or Rent-out your properties , welcome to List with us for your Properties which intentionally for sale or rental . Thank you .

    Real estate agents Services

    Real Estate and Property Agent Selangor Malaysia

    Real Estate and Property Agent

    Real estate agents play a crucial role in facilitating property transactions whether it involves buying, selling, renting or leasing properties.

    Our work involves a variety of features and responsibilities to provide value and ensure successful real estate transactions .

    Residential Property Selangor , Malaysia

    Real Estate and Property Agent Selangor Malaysia


    Real Estate and Property Agent Selangor Malaysia



    Real Estate and Property Agent Selangor Malaysia

    (Registered real estate agent’s in Selangor Malaysia)