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Industrial Land for sale in Semenyih @ 1-20 acres

Industrial land Semenyih

1 – 20 acres Semenyih freehold industrial land for sale , easy access ideally to build bungalow or semi detached factory .

  • Industrial land
  • Freehold
  • Road access
  • Optional 1-20 acres
  • Ideally to build detached or semi detached factory.

Interested please contact 012-7927511

Land for sale

industrial land for sale semenyih

( photos are for illustration only )

kajang industrial land for sale Selangor
Industrial land, Kajang
Industrial land for sale Puchong selangor
Puchong Industrial land
banting industrial zoning land for sale
Banting Industrial land

Semenyih Integrated Industrial Park – semi detached factory

Semenyih semi detached factory for launch at SEMENYIH INDUSTRIAL PARK , easy access through LEKAS highway. ( photos are for illustration only )

Semenyih Integrated industrial park

(New Launch)

Cargo lift, alarm system, production area, office and warehouse All under a roof.

semi detached factory


  • 3 story semi detached factory
  • State of Selangor
  • Freehold
  • Land area from 9,749 sf to 16,616 sf.
  • Build-up areas from 8,047 to 10,733 sf.
  • Completion year 2024 end.
  • Prices from Rm 4.37 mil


  • Up to 1.5 tons Cargo lift
  • 66 feet wide main road
  • Full concrete openspace
  • 1 tons per sqm floor weight
  • Landscape walkway
  • Eave height 28 – 46 feet
  • Office height 14 feet
  • Warehouse height between 13-18 feet
  • Alarm system
  • Fiber internet cable
  • 3 phase wiring
  • 150 amp

Interested please contact 6012-7927511

sungai purun industrial park semenyih semi d factory for sale or rent
Sungai Purun Industrial Park
Beranang industrial park Selangor detached Factory for sale
Beranang Industrial Park
semenyih warehouse for rent
Semenyih warehouse

Beranang Semenyih Detached factory for rent, Selangor

Beranang Semenyih detached factory

Beranang Semenyih industrial park Selangor 2 story detached factory for rent , Land areas 35,000 sf , office renovated.

Detached factory for rent

  • Beranang semenyih
  • Build-up 22,872 sq.ft (ground floor)
  • Office Build-up 2,340 sq.ft
  • Land area 35,000 sq.ft
  • Eave height up to 35 feet
  • Rental RM28k nego

Please Contact 012-7927511

Beranang Semenyih

Signature Industrial Park – Semi-d factory for sale or rent

3 story semi-detached factory for sale or rent semenyih signature industrial park Selangor , next to lekas highway .

Signature Industrial Park


  • 3 storey semi detached factory
  • Build-up 7,850 sq.ft
  • Land size 13,500 sq.ft
  • Freehold
  • Easy access through LEKAS highway
  • Sale Price RM 4.5mil nego
  • Rental RM 15k


Please contact 012-7927511



Beranang semenyih Selangor detached factory for rent
Beranang, Semenyih factory for rent
Semenyih integrated industrial park semi-d factory for Sale
Semenyih Intergrated Park
3 story semi-d factory for rent in Bandar Baru Bangi Selangor, Malaysia.
Bandar Baru Bangi


Arroyo Garden Eco Hill Bungalow Land for sale Semenyih

Arroyo Garden Eco hill

Arroyo garden Eco hill Semenyih Freehold bungalow land for sale, ready infrastructures with security guard.

Contact 012-7927511

Bungalow Land for sale

  • Arroyo garden
  • Freehold land
  • Ready infra
  • 6,900 sf.
  • Price negotiable

Eco hill Semenyih

Arroyo Garden Eco Hill Bungalow Land for sale Semenyih
Arroyo Garden Eco Hill Bungalow Land for sale Semenyih

Arroyo Garden Eco Hill Bungalow Land for sale Semenyih

Arroyo Garden Bungalow Land, Eco hill Semenyih, Selangor

Land for Sale in Semenyih for developments
Develop Land
Waterlily Bungalow, New Southern Cove Township
Bungalow land Gamuda Cove

Beranang Selangor factory for Sale and rent

Beranang Selangor

Semenyih Beranang Kajang Selangor Detached factory for Sale or rent, more then 3 acres land sizes at prices negotiable .

Sale enquiry please contact 012-7927511

Beranang factory

  • Semenyih , Beranang , Kajang Selangor
  • Industrial Park
  • Leasehold
  • Land areas 138,000 sf.
  • Build-up approx. 30,000 sf.
  • Power 326KW
  • Sale Rm12,000,000

Detached factory Selangor

Beranang Industrial Park Selangor | detached factory

Beranang Industrial Park

Beranang industrial park selangor 3 story office cum one story work space detached factory for sale .

Factory for sale

  • Beranang Selangor
  • 3 story office
  • One story factory
  • Freehold
  • Eave height 30 feet
  • Land areas 87,120 sq.
  • Build-up areas 35,000 sq.
  • Office build-up 9,000 sq.
  • 1000 amp
  • Selling Rm16,500,000 negotiable

Sale enquiry please contact 6012-7927511

Detached factory

Semenyih mix developments Land for sale

land for sale in Semenyih

Strategically located Semenyih land for Sale adjacent to many on going development surround Ideally for Development purposed .

For Sale enquiry please contact 0127927511

Semenyih Selangor

Land’s adjacent and total sizes of develop land

  • Eco forest – 515 acres development
  • Mutiara Hill Semenyih – 1400 acres
  • Setia Mayuri – 200 acres
  • Diamond City – 258 acres
  • Taman Tasik Semenyih – 212 acres


  • Industrial Land
  • Semenyih Selangor
  • land sizes 8.5 acres
  • Freehold