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Commercial land for sale Glenmarie, Shah Alam, Selangor.

Commercial land for sale

Up to 97,000 sf of Freehold commercial land for sale in Glenmarie Shah Alam, Selangor. Located in a mix developed township , easy access via major highways and LRT to others destination.

Sale enquiry please contact us 0127927511

Commercial land for sale Glenmarie, Shah Alam, Selangor.

Commercial land for sale Glenmarie, Shah Alam, Selangor.

commercial land for sale in glenmarie Shah Alam, Selangor

Glenmarie Shah Alam known for its thriving commercial status, its home to a wide range of commercial establishments including building, showroom, storage, offices and business hub.

Well-designed office buildings that cater to the needs of businesses, variety of office spaces from small to large corporate headquarters.

The commercial status is further enhance business hubs that provide a conductive environment for entrepreneur, start-up, and small-medium sized enterprises. Co-working areas, networking opportunities, fostering collaboration and innovation among businesses.

The area’s proximity to major industrial parks and manufacturing facilities creates a strong demand of various services, favorable business environment attracts entrepreneur’s looking to tap into the growing market.

Ongoing infrastructure projects, urban planning initiatives and investment in the area have positioned it as a prime location for business activities.

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Glenmarie Industrial Land, Shah Alam, Selangor

Glenmarie Industrial Land

Optional for land sizes of 17,000 sf & 118,000 sf Freehold Industrial land for sale in Glenmarie, Shah Alam, Selangor.

Sale enquiry please contact 0122928392

Glenmarie Industrial Land, Shah Alam, Selangor

Glenmarie Shah Alam is a well-know industrial hub located in Selangor, Malaysia. Strategically situate in the heart of Klang Valley making it easily access from major cities ensures excellent connection for transportation and supply chain.

Those Industrial parks home to a variety of industry facility including factory, warehouses, showroom and office spaces.

Diverse range of industries attract businesses from various sector such as automotive and others, this diversity creates encourage collaboration and networking among difference industries.

In summary this is a vibrant and dynamic hub for businesses to its location, diverse industries, modern infra an amenity offers an idea environment for companies to establish and expand their operations.

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Glenmarie factory for sale – Commercial, factory & warehouse

Glenmarie Shah Alam 5 story freehold commercial building cum factory and warehouse for sale , Showroom, corporate office , factory and warehouse.

Glenmarie Factory for sale

Shah Alam

  • Glenmarie Shah Alam
  • Land area 27,000 sq.ft
  • Build-up area 43,900 sq.ft
  • Freehold
  • Selling Price RM 26,000,000

Please contact 0122928392


Hicom glenmarie industrial park shah alam Selangor semi d factory for rent
Hicom Glenmarie
Glenmarie Office Suites for sale | rent
Glenmarie office suites
Factory Bandar Sunway Petaling Jaya Selangor industrial semi-d factory for rent
Bandar Sunway, Selangor

Hicom Glenmarie Semi-d factory for Rent

Hicom Glenmarie Industrial Park

Hicom glenmarie industrial park Shah Alam 3 story semi detached factory for Rent , suitable for Sale , services and warehouse .

For Rental enquiry please contact 0122928392

Shah Alam Selangor

  • Hicom Glenmarie Industrial Park
  • Land area approx. 9,000 sf
  • Build-up approx. 8,500 sf
  • Located mature industrial park
  • Near LRT station
  • Easy access
  • Rentals Rm26,000

Subang Bestari industrial park shah alam semi d factory for rent
Subang Bestari, Selangor
Temasya Glenmarie Shah Alam
semi d factory for sale Subang Jaya Selangor
Subang Jaya factory for sale

Temasya Glenmarie factory for Rent – semi detached

Temasya Glenmarie

3 story semi-detached factory for Rent at Temasya Glenmarie Shah Alam , Easy access via Federal and Elite highway , Guthrie Corridor .

Rent Enquiry please contact 0122928392

factory for rent

  • 3 story Semi-detached factory
  • Temasya Glenmarie
  • Shah Alam, Selangor
  • Corner lot
  • Land areas approx. 14,800 sf
  • Build-up approx. 14,000 sf
  • Rent Rm39,000

Shah Alam, Selangor

Temasya Glenmarie Shah Alam Selangor – factory for sale

Temasya Glenmarie Shah Alam

Semi detach factory at temasya glenmarie Shah Alam for sale and rent.

Factory for sale

  • Temasya glenmarie
  • Shah Alam Selangor
  • Semi detached factory
  • Freehold
  • Land area 22,500 sq.ft
  • Build-up area 16,500 sq.ft
  • Sell price RM14,800,000
  • Rental RM45,000

Accessible via Federal Highway , Guthrie corridor and NKVE .

Please Contact 012-2928392

Semi detached factory

Subang Bestari Semi-d factory for Rent

Subang Bestari

Subang Bestari Shah Alam 3 story semi-d factory warehouse for Rent , accessible via NKVE and Subang Airport .

Rental enquiry please contact 0122928392

Semi-d factory

  • 3 story semi d factory
  • Subang
  • Factory for rent
  • Land sizes 9558 sf
  • Build-up 5640 sf
  • Closed to Shah Alam
  • Rental Rm12,500

Factory for Rent