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My Second Home Malaysia

Beautiful and amazing country

My Second Home Malaysia Program is initiated and promoted by the Government of Malaysia, to allow foreigners to stay in Malaysia for as long as possible, on a multiple-entry Social Visit Pass. The programmed is open to all nationalities regardless of race, religion, gender or age; where applicants are allowed to bring their spouses and unmarried children below the age of 21 and parents ( above 60 years old), as dependents. The Social Visit Pass is initially for a period of Ten years and is renewable. Situated in the heart of South East Asia where various ethnic groups live together in peace and harmony, economic cost of living, make more attractive with relatively high standards of living. Malaysia has resulted in substantial investment towards infrastructure and the continuous upgrading of facilities to world-class standards, All this and more has made Malaysia a perfect choice for second home.

My second home Malaysia
My second home Malaysia geography


Approximately in total 330,000 square kilometer separated two distinct geographical parts – Peninsular Malaysia to the west border with Thailand to and the island of Singapore while Malaysia Borneo shares borders with Brunei and Indonesia and the state of Sabah and Sarawak on Borneo Island to the east, both of which sit just north of the equator and separated by the South China Sea , situated within the Pacific Ring of Fire Zone, making it free from major natural disasters such as volcanoes, tsunami, typhoons and earthquakes.


The country enjoys a tropical climate, with weather that is pleasant, warm and balmy with moderate rain throughout the year. There are also highland residential areas and resorts with permanent spring-like weather throughout the year, which temperatures are between 15″c (59″F) to 25″c (77″F).

The People of Malaysia

Malaysia is a multi-racial country consisting of Malays, Chinese, Indians and numerous indigenous people living together for generations, all these cultures have influenced each other creating a truly Malaysia culture.

Culture – A country of charming Diversity

Malaysia is a country full of cultures, owing to its colourful historical past and the amalgamated culture is a colorful heritage that is still a large part of daily life practices, despite urbanization of the cities.


Multiple language is well established as malaysian language of choice with a large number of people conversing in fluent English. This makes Malaysia especially attractive.

Recreation & Entertainment

My second home Malaysia, recreation and entertainment
My second home Malaysia, recreation and entertainment

Recreation and entertainment facilities are abundant in Malaysia, owing to the year – round pleasant weather and natural wonders of its tropical environment.

The country has everything for the family, or for individual pursuit of fun and creation – theme parks, jungle trails, world – class cinemas, performing arts theaters and art galleries, sports facilities, water sports and golf courses.

Food and Fruits in Malaysia

My second home Malaysia, food and fruits
My second home Malaysia, food and fruits

Malaysia food is a varied culinary spectrum, originating from Malaysia’s multi-ethnic population. Malaysian relish and celebrate their diverse food, which include an eclectic mix of international food as well; to suit all tastes and budgets.

Indulge in gourmet cuisine created by amazing chefs in designer restaurants, or sample an endless amount of treats found at malls, store- fronts, street-side hawker stalls or the 24-hour local ‘mamak’ restaurants; which are run by Muslim-indians. The best part is that eating out is thoroughly¬† affordable in Malaysia.

Shopping – experience the indoor and outdoor shopping.

My second home Malaysia, shopping
My second home Malaysia, shopping

Malaysians love shopping, which is why there is a huge number of luxury malls, as well as the local street-side stalls and stores. Local regulations ensure items are price-tagged and prominently displayed, Particularly at department stores in shopping mall where prices are fixed.

Upmarket shopping malls where everything is designed for shopper convenience; contain banks, foreign currency exchange counters, supermarket, restaurants, entertainment centers.

For interesting curios and local face, shoppers can visit one of the many weekly flea markets and night markets – ” Pasar Malam” where haggling is a much required skill and presents an interesting insight into the live of the locals.

Future Development Malaysia

My second home Malaysia, future development

High Speed Rail (HSR)

High Speed Rail expected to be completed in year 2026, with the ripple effect of the project, development in Malaysia looks set to surge, as the newly-accessible prime estate along the tracks awakening now-sleepy towns hosting transit stations.

My second home Malaysia, future development

Future Development – Bandar Malaysia


My second home Malaysia, education
My second home Malaysia, education

Foreign Universities Branch-Campus

  • Xiamen University Malaysia Campus
  • Monash University Malaysia
  • The University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus
  • De Montfort University
  • Heriot-watt University Malaysia
  • Manipal International University

Local University Branch Campus

  • Taylor’s University College
  • Sunway University College
  • Inti International University College
  • Limkokwinf University of Creative Technology
  • University College Sedaya International

International School

  • Alice Smith School
  • Australian International School
  • French School
  • Say fol International school
  • International School of Kuala Lumpur

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